15 Creative Homeowner Gift Ideas: 2022 Christmas Wall Art Gift Guide

15 Creative Homeowner Gift Ideas: 2022 Christmas Wall Art Gift Guide

What should I get this year for my impossible-to-shop-for husband, best friend who “has everything,” and too-cool tween? By far the most popular topic on everyone’s mind right now…especially with holiday shopping beginning earlier than ever. Because you want to impress the people you care about this Christmas season. You want them to understand how much you adore them. A wow-worthy present is an easy way to express your heartfelt appreciation and affection. Something that will make their eyes pop out of their heads and their jaw drop as they rip the wrapping paper off. That’s why we written our 2022 christmas wall art gift guide!

But here’s the catch.

You’ve spent years buying for your friends and family. Everyone you’re shopping for this Christmas has everything they could ever desire or need. It’s so difficult to come up with a cool, unexpected gift for them. For the past three years, you’ve had to get inventive in order to select the greatest gift for your mother and sister-in-law. And you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel in the “Christmas present ingenuity area” this year. When looking for the perfect holiday gift, you find yourself searching sites with “quality socks” or “expensive water bottles.” There’s nothing wrong with those kinds of gifts… They are, however, a little impersonal. You don’t want to give your brother or closest friend a gift that is so generic that they assume you shopped at the last minute and couldn’t locate anything better. This year, you should give gifts that say, “Thank you for staying with me through these terribly difficult few years – I love and appreciate you.” When it comes to delivering truly personalised holiday gifts, the first thing you should consider – seriously, spend time brainstorming on… Is that personal gift giving is about showing individuals you think about them and care about them, not about finding the “perfect gift.” If you’re thinking, yes, I already know that…


Instead of hoping that the ideal gift idea will miraculously appear in your thoughts… Or that Instagram advertising will read your mind and show you the gift you didn’t know you needed (which isn’t a horrible notion at all)… Consider the best gifts you’ve ever received. What made THOSE presents unique? Perhaps the present was something you had wanted for a long time and were astonished that someone remembered… Or the present was extremely customised and personalised… Or the gift made you cry or laugh uncontrollably… When it comes to presenting extraordinary presents, it all boils down to one thing:


The best presents are those that cause you to reflect about the recipient. And the present makes people think of you. Perhaps the present alludes to an inside joke or a great memory you shared together. Whatever it is, it builds a strong emotional bond between you two. This is straightforward on paper, but when it gets down to it…quite it’s difficult. So the good news is that we’ve found a way to shorten your holiday shopping time in half. Because you are not required to determine the “what.” You just need to figure out how to connect the dots.

So here’s the “what”…the present that is sure to WOW this holiday season.

Massive, artist-created wall art is the ideal Christmas gift of 2022 for difficult-to-shop-for people who “have everything.” You only need to decide which artist-designed print makes you think of the person you’re giving the enormous wall painting to.

Don’t worry if you’re having trouble figuring it out.

We put together our finest wall art gift guide to help you find the ideal pieces to give this holiday season. But the best part is that if the person likes the piece but wants to display something different on their wall, they can switch the print for free (even after Christmas)! So let’s get started on the gift guide so you can cross those difficult-to-shop-for people off your holiday buying list with a satisfied line…

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Christmas Gifts for Him

A guy can only wear so many clothing and utilise so many gadgets. If your husband, boyfriend, or brother seems to be copying and pasting their Christmas wish list from last year (spoiler alert: he probably be), it’s time to shake up the sock, wallet, and latest tech device gift-giving monotony.

Give him huge wall art that he will enjoy and be proud to display this holiday season. Because he will feel more confident when his wall art expresses the things that are most important to him and makes his room distinctly his own.

Best Christmas Gift for His Man Cave

A man cave does not have to be dark and out of date. This Christmas season, make his man cave appear stylish. This collection of macho wall art for guys includes sports, pop art, and animals. It’s certain to impress his pals the next time they visit the man cave.

Best Christmas Present for His Office

When the office door is closed, there is a clear “do not disturb” sign in place. Your man’s office is where he goes to concentrate and create a huge impression. Make sure his workspace has inspirational male wall art to keep him focused, engaged, and driven.

Cool Present for Men Who Say, “I don’t need anything.”

When guys say this, you want to shake them and yell, “Well, I still have to get you something!” Even if he claims “he doesn’t need anything,” this collection of our most popular wall art for guys has wall art that he will adore.

Men’s Funny Gift

For most males, a little crass humour or a gag present goes a long way. This wall art has concealed buttocks and clever innuendos that are sure to make your favourite jokester giggle.

Boyfriend Christmas Present

Oh, the stress of trying to buy a gift for your significant other that screams “hey, I really like you” without scaring them away. This collection of one-of-a-kind wall art for guys is intelligent and entertaining without being overpowering or “too much.”

Excellent Father’s Day Gift

“What did Santa pay for his sleigh?” Nothing, it was all on us.” The only thing worse than your father’s dad jokes is trying to locate the ideal gift that expresses how much you adore him (despite the puns). With huge, masculine artwork, you can make your dad feel awesome this holiday season.

The Best Christmas Presents for Her

When it comes to selecting the right holiday gift for your wife, girlfriend, mother, mother-in-law, and sister, there is A LOT of pressure. You know they’d go to the ends of the Earth to find you the perfect gift. So you’ll need to discover something as amazing. You don’t want to be boring and get her makeup, jewellery, or clothes as in previous years.

Give her something different this year that she is sure to enjoy (that isn’t a puppy or a kitten!). Find wall art that reminds you of your girl. Choose a piece that says “this reminds me of you and how much I love you” so she is reminded of you every time she looks at her wall art. Bonus points for making bespoke art or having a large couple or family portrait produced.

A One-of-a-Kind Gift for the Girl Who Has Everything

“Look at this, isn’t it cool?” “Don’t you believe my collection is finished?” If your daughter has as many gadgets and gizmos as Ariel, it’s difficult to give her a gift that won’t end up on a shelf or stuffed in the back of her wardrobe. Give her wall art that makes her space feel cheerful, bright, and lively this holiday season.

Guaranteed to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Your fiancée really wants a ring for Christmas this year *clears throat*. But that isn’t happening just yet. Regardless, you want to amaze her with a large gift that assures her of your love and future together. Wall art is the ideal present since it communicates “we can hang this in our future place when we live together” while remaining noncommittal.

Top College Girl Gifts

College students are masters of the comparison game. With large, statement paintings, you may help your college lady make her dorm room the envy of all her friends (and foes). The best aspect is that BIG’s two-part wall art system is both sturdy and portable. When it’s time to leave the dorm, she can disassemble the large artwork and store it up for easy transit and storage.

The Best Christmas Present for Mom

You adore your mother more than anyone else on the planet. She spends her entire day thinking about you, assisting you, and sacrificing everything to ensure you have all you could possibly want or need. This year, it’s your turn to go above and above for her. This large wall art set is sure to surprise your mother this holiday season. With a large personalised painting or family portrait, you can cement your spot as her favourite.

Giving Back Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

There are always a few stragglers on your Christmas shopping list who make you scratch your head and wonder what you’re going to get them. You want to offer them something special to demonstrate your thanks for everything they do for you, something that isn’t just useless crap traded for the sake of giving a gift.

Extra huge wall painting that supports actual artists is the nicest, most original gift for Christmas 2022. It’s a gift that anyone can use and be pleased to display. It’s also a present that gives back. The artist who created the piece is compensated for each piece of BIG wall art sold.

Cool Teacher Gift

There is no doubt that teachers deserve more recognition and gratitude. Give them a gift that expresses your gratitude for devoting their lives to assisting your child’s success. Large wall art is a present that will last for years, reminding the teacher of your appreciation, and making their classroom happier and more interesting.

Excellent Couple Gift

One stone, two birds. The ideal couple present expedites and simplifies Christmas shopping. The challenge is to find something that both of them will enjoy. BIG is an excellent present for a couple. Not only does it make the difficult chore of decorating their new house easier…but the wall art is also interchangeable. They can both acquire a poster they like and switch out the artwork as needed to keep their home feeling fresh.

Tween Gifts for the Self-Expressive

You understand the difficulty of shopping for a 13-to-25-year-old. They believe they are far superior to you and, of course, they know everything. Oh, the clash of self-assurance and embarrassment! You want to choose a gift that makes them feel intelligent without being too mature. This edgy pop art depicts fantastic role models and looks stylish, all while maintaining the young purity you wish to keep.

The Best Gift for Your Boss

What is the ideal Christmas gift to give your employer – the person in charge of your career path and remuneration package? Nobody wants to be known as a kissa$$. But, to be honest, you want to give them a memorable gift to assist sway public opinion in your favour during your yearly review. This workplace wall painting will brighten your boss’s day while they are at work (& encourage them to write you a glowing 5-star review).

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