How to place Posters on the Wall

NEW GUIDE: 7 steps – How to place Posters on the Wall

Posters are a great option for decorating the walls of any room in your house since they are both affordable and visually appealing. That’s why we written an article about How to place Posters on the Wall. Framing posters maintains them immaculate and gives them a more customised, neater appearance. Pick a topic that has some sort of aesthetic value or theme you find appealing, fits in with the room’s design scheme, or both.

How to place posters on the wall

Use a symmetrical layout for displaying a number of identical posters. The optimal arrangement must take into account the wall’s dimensions, the quantity of posters, and the posters’ sizes. For grid sizes of four, six, or eight, utilise a square or rectangular grid. Put 1 inch of space between each poster and no more than 6 inches of space between each poster. A height of 60 to 66 inches above the ground is ideal for the cluster’s focal point.

If you have an odd number, use a horizontal row; vertical rows look best on small walls. Unless the wall is very narrow, it is recommended to hang the posters side by side. If you want a different aesthetic, you may alternatively hang the posters horizontally in even numbers.

Step 1: Size Variation in Posters

Framed posters of varied sizes look best in asymmetrical groups. To add visual interest, you may try mixing and matching posters of different sizes and orientations (vertical and horizontal, for example). One or two posters can also serve as the focal point of an eclectic collection of framed artwork and photographs.

Step 2: Measuring

The size of the posters’ intended display space on the wall should be determined. Construct a wall by taping together some pieces of construction paper. Make a floor mat out of the taped paper.

Step 3: Layout

Lay out all of your posters on the floor. As the main focus, choose two huge posters and arrange them in the middle of the page with the frames staggered. Fill up the space on both sides of the anchor frames with small- and medium-sized posters or framed art, placing them together like a jigsaw. Maintain a visual equilibrium by giving equal emphasis to the frames on each side of the central ones. When you’ve settled on a layout that you like, use a pencil to lightly outline around each frame. Get out your phone and snap a snapshot to keep as a reminder.

Step 4: You’ll want to make a mark

Take a reading from the top of the poster frame to the top of the mounting hooks. Gently stretch the wire in the centre of the image like you’re going to hang it from a hook. Make a mark at this point on the wrapping paper for each frame so you know where to hammer in the nail to hang the pictures.
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Step 5: Hang

Attach the craft paper template to the wall with painter’s tape. Nail a picture hanging to the wall at each of the locations you’ve indicated. Take remove the tape and carefully rip off the nail paper. Mount the prints and pictures, going back to the photo you shot for reference.

Step 6: The Middle Line

Another option for hanging posters of varied size or two rows of the same size is to place them above and below a horizontal central line. Mark the wall at 63 inches from the floor, using the 60 to 66-inch range as a reference, to locate the exact centre of a cluster of posters. Using the level and pencil, lightly draw a line along the middle. The top row’s frames’ bottoms should be aligned 1 inch above the middle line. Set the upper edges of the frames in the bottom row 1 inch below the vertical centre line.

Step 7: Additional Display Tips

Collect posters that have the same general subject matter or colour palette. Repeat an accent colour throughout the room or an adjoining room with varying shades of that hue in the posters.

Mount movie posters on the wall in horizontal rows, like you would in a theatre, to create a cinematic atmosphere in your home theatre or game room. An office with a gallery wall of antique travel posters can serve as constant inspiration for taking a trip. Posters advertising food and drink from the past may be a great conversation starter in the dining room or kitchen. A huge, gigantic picture hanging above a sofa or behind a dining table becomes an instant focus point.
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