A guide to build your art collection

A guide to build your art collection

The problem is, once you start hanging something on the wall, you can’t stop! Artwork is an excellent way to give your home a boost and show off your personal style as it evolves through time. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when you build your own unique art collection. Here’s a guide to build your art collection.

Your own sense of aesthetic in the Creative Process

The best prints to decorate your home with are the ones that make you feel something. When you take the time to carefully select items from a wide variety of periods and styles, you end up with a collection that is both unique and interesting to you.

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Develop a harmonious palette

If you want to display your art in more than just one space, deciding on a colour scheme is the first step. Choose an overarching colour scheme for the house, or assign a different set of hues to each room. Feelings upon returning home: what do you want to achieve? Stick to a monochromatic scheme of natural colours if you want to make a soothing environment. Black-and-white art prints, or those in which a single colour (say, a vivid blue) is allowed to stand out, are a good choice for a contemporary aesthetic.

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Choose an eye-catching piece

The aesthetic you’re going for will be determined by the size of your painting. Pick a visual style that contributes to the mood you’re going for. If you’re going for a calming vibe, choose an abstract work in muted tones, but if you want to make a statement, go for a large-scale colourful photograph or painting.

The beginnings of an art collection are always exciting, so best of luck to you! You can quickly update your wardrobe as the seasons change by following these guidelines and sticking to a predetermined theme and colour palette while mixing up your patterns as needed.

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