Best way to frame mounts and stay protected?

Best way to frame mounts and stay protected?

The Mount or Passepartout is the white or coloured stuff that surrounds a subject. Surprisingly, that is where we came up with the company name… There are numerous advantages to use mounts when framing your photos. They excel at providing numerous design options for skillfully presenting a picture. They can be used to frame works of art and photographs because this additional framing technique enhances the designs attractively.

But what exactly is the mount for?

A mount is a cardboard cut-out that is placed between the picture and the glass in your picture frames, acting as an additional frame for your photo. As a result, the distance between the glass and the picture surface is extended, creating a depth illusion that draws even more attention to the picture! This means that the glass surface of the frame does not immediately touch the image, providing additional protection. This distance provides additional protection for the image, ensuring that conservation criteria are met when framing with Mount.

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But why would you want to utilise a Mount? There are numerous causes for this!

The ability to be creative is arguably the best reason to utilise a Mount. This is due to the fact that it comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and depths. A top suggestion from us, however, is that framing should never dominate the image, but rather assist its impression. Anything is possible when it comes to the colour of the Mount! For handcrafted prints on light paper, we recommend matching the Mount to the sheet colour. It is also vital to consider the wall colour because you want your Mount to complement your décor. What is our recommendation? We adore neutral tones. There are timeless and do not detract from the image, but this is entirely up to you! You can choose the width of your Mount. In our experience, the breadth of the Mount edge should be roughly 10-12% of the length of the longest side. We also provide multiple Mount depths, which can range from 1.5mm to 2mm depending on what you desire!

To guarantee that the image is well covered, the cut-out should be 5mm smaller than the image. This may appear to be overwhelming, but we are here to assist you with all of these measurements! The ‘perfect’ visual presentation of the Mount cut-out is, once again, a matter of personal opinion. It has evolved over time, with many people preferring the cut-out to be relocated further upwards. Nowadays, it appears to be more popular to put it in the middle.

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