Frame Your Posters Like a Pro

Frame Your Posters Like a Pro

Learn how to give your posters a professional and classy framing job, no matter your skill level. Get the tips and tricks to bring it out with this guide!

Giving posters a proper frame job is an easy way to keep them looking neat and give them a professional finish. With the right supplies and a few simple tips, anyone can frame their own posters at home—no matter their skill level.

Choose the Right Material for Your Framing

Frames come in a wide variety of materials, and choosing the right one is key. Metal frames are usually the most affordable option, but they can sometimes look overly utilitarian and don’t always provide protection against sunlight that can cause fading. Wood frames are more expensive but typically convey a sense of elegance and are also great for protecting against sunlight. For extra protection, you may want to choose a frame with ultraviolet-blocking glazing or combine a metal or wood frame with a plexiglass glaze.

Measure Your Poster with Care

Before you decide on a frame and mount your poster, it’s important to make sure your measurements are exact. It’s also important to give yourself some breathing room when measuring the size of the frame that you need. Measure your poster’s exact length and width, then add two inches to each dimension when selecting a frame. That way, the poster won’t be too snug inside its frame—particularly if you end up using a mat board or double mats around it.

Cut the Matboard and Mount the Poster

Next, cut the mat board and mount the poster. Once you’ve chosen your frame, matboard, and mounting tape or spray adhesive, it’s time to cut your mat board and put everything together. Carefully measure and cut the boards according to the size of the poster with a beveled edge so each board overlaps slightly. This overlapping helps to secure all four pieces into place and creates a tight seal between them. Then you can mount your poster onto one side of the matting using tape or spray adhesive and voila – you’re done!

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Secure the Poster Inside the Frame

To make sure the frame is secure and your poster won’t slip out, you’ll need to use some type of sealer. This can be done by applying a thin bead of clear-drying adhesive around the perimeter of the poster before pushing it into the frame. Alternatively, you can cut pieces of foam core board and place them along each side of the poster before securing them into place with tape.

Finish With the Right Coverings and Backing Materials

Once everything is secured, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Choose from a variety of coverings, such as glass or acrylic for front protection and foam core board for backings. Place them on the inside of your frame and secure in place with adhesive strips or velcro. The framing should now be complete, giving your poster a professional look and feel.

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