Unleash Your Imagination: The Transformative Power of Creative Wall Art

Hotten Up Your Bedroom with These Creative Wall Art Ideas

Are you reading this in your bed? Yes, most likely… Because the average American spends 36 years of their lives (almost half of their life) in bed. That’s why we written our new guide: Hotten Up Your Bedroom with These Creative Wall Art Ideas.
And, if you’re not in bed right now, wouldn’t you prefer to be? Because 36 years over a lifetime equates to 11 hours in bed every. single. day.
What else can we say? There’s no place like home, my bed. If the average person spends 7 of their 11 hours in bed sleeping, that leaves 4 hours for non-sleeping activities such as relaxing, watching TV, looking through your phone, reading, and…*wink wink*. Sex is arguably the most delightful non-sleeping in bed activity, yet it is also the one we spend the least amount of time doing. According to a survey of 9,000 people, the average person will spend 117 days having sex over their lives. While this may seem like a lot, it only accounts for 0.45% of our whole life. While the study did not expressly ask, “Do you wish you had more time for sex?” We’re very certain the answer is a resounding YES. What is the simplest technique to feel more “in the mood”? In your bedroom, use sexier visual clues. If you walk into your bedroom and witness this… Your dirty laundry bin exploded on the floor… Your junk drawer puked on your nightstand… And the PG-rated canvas above your bed, a present from your mother-in-law (who, no offence, doesn’t have great flair), is faded and out of date.
Will you be able to “get it on”?
No way, you’re not going to feel sexy! (It’s possible you won’t even feel cheerful.)
Consider this…
As you enter your bedroom, the candles on your nightstand flicker. The shades have been pulled. Soft, seductive music is being played. An artist’s enormous, evocative work of wall art full of personality and emotion sits above your bed. Perhaps it’s a beautiful artwork of lovers or a doodle of big lips or other creative wall art ideas.
Do you have a strong desire for this bedroom set-up? Yes, absolutely!
While we cannot take your filthy laundry off your bedroom floor or scatter rose petals across your bed, we can assist you…
Spice up your bedroom with the spiciest above-bed wall décor.
Our designers chose the sexiest above bedroom wall décor ideas and ranked them from the most “family appropriate” to the hottest, so you can choose bedroom art that is as hot as you are.

Family-Friendly Romantic Bedroom Wall Art (Kinda Hot)

You can have romantic bedroom wall décor even if you have two children under the age of two and family members that come and go.
To be honest, you and your spouse require more romantic art for the bedroom than anyone else.
Because a day spent wiping noses and cleaning up after your kids leaves little energy for romance.
Set the tone with basic and abstract love artwork, but keep it PG.

Bedroom Wall Décor with Luscious Lips (Hot)

Plump lips are intrinsically enticing. Lips are incredibly exciting, whether it’s the anticipation of a juicy make out session or biting your bottom lip to refrain from moaning.
Lip art is a subtle technique to make your bedroom seem hot and spicy.

Over The Bed Colorful Art (Hotter)

There’s something to be said for being outspoken and proud of your sexual orientation. Colorful over-the-bed art is one way to convey this sexual confidence into your bedroom.

Bright colours draw attention to your sexual wall art while also communicating your objectives.

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Booty Wall Art Ideas That Is Secretly Seductive (Even Hotter)

There is nothing more enticing than a secret revealed between lovers. The hidden butts in this bedroom wall décor aren’t immediately apparent… But once you see them, you’re hooked.

This bedroom wall décor’s hidden butts are intriguing. This sensuous artwork enhances the sexiness of your environment for you and your spouse (and anyone else who is in on your secrets).

Bedroom Artwork of Bathing Beauties (Hottest)

Dip for the skinny. Bathing in a tub. Taking a hot shower to rinse off. There’s something to be said for getting wet and naked.

This bizarre painting of people relaxing and soaking in water is quite disturbing. This bathing bedroom wall décor encourages you to lather up in the shower or tub with your lover.

(Hotter Than Hottest!) Neon Bedroom Wall Décor

Nothing beats a large neon sign that says exactly what you want for your bedroom art.

Make your desires known with neon above-the-bed art. This wall painting has bright and flamboyant neon signs that let everyone know your bedroom is where the magic happens.

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