How to Increase Employee Retention: 5 Major Issues Solved by Office Art

Increase Employee Retention: 5 Major Issues Solved by Office Art

You’ve lost tens, if not hundreds, of employees to the Great Resignation.
You’ve implemented every Harvard Business Review tip to keep your employees from quitting. You’ve shifted your attention to “professional dialogues and opportunities.” And you’re now “measuring potential rather than performance.”
It has not been easy to make these modifications. In fact, it has taken you a great amount of time and work.
But, to be honest, it’s not making a difference. Your staff are still fleeing your building as if it were on fire.
You’re probably wondering if this company can survive with such a high staff turnover rate. Is working here really that bad? What am I doing incorrectly?
If The Great Resignation has left you feeling overwhelmed, drained, and at a loss for words…
You’re not alone.
According to a Gartner poll, employee turnover is expected to be 50-75% greater now than it was before the pandemic. Furthermore, the time it takes to fill available positions has increased by 18%.
The Great Resignation has an influence on staffing in practically every industry and organisation.
So the major question is, how can we get back to pre-pandemic “normal” staff retention rates so your firm can run smoothly?
There is one element you must realise that many businesses overlook when it comes to staff retention.
The most important thing to remember is…

Your employees are more than just labourers; they are HUMANS. When it comes down to it, humans want several very fundamental things:

  • We want to be welcomed and valued.
  • We thrive when we are valued and recognised for our contributions.
  • We require a sense of belonging to a community.
  • We need freedom, choice, and to know that our voices are heard.
  • This is by no means an exhaustive list of all basic human needs.

However, these are critical basic needs that, as an employer, you want to double-check that you are meeting for all of your employees.
Because if you aren’t providing your employees’ basic requirements…
I can declare with certainty that your staff are looking for new opportunities.
And I can say this with certainty since I was one of the people who quit their jobs to pursue a whole different career as part of The Great Resignation.

Here is my true story…

My old office had walls that were derided as “dingy Dijon mustard.” Atrocious!
People expressed their displeasure. It was filthy and dark, making our workplace feel cramped and, frankly, nasty.
I went to a craft store and purchased sale fabric that was brightly coloured and garishly printed. I hung it in my tiny cubicle so that my two square feet of space didn’t smell like “dingy Dijon mustard.”
EVERYONE said how much they liked my bargain fabric. It added colour, interest, and excitement to my work environment. It dramatically improved my working atmosphere.
Let me take you back to the moment I went into BIG Wall Décor for my first interview. I was astounded.
As one might expect, there is gigantic, beautiful art everywhere.
The enthusiasm and ingenuity are palpable. Within 3 seconds, I realised this would be a great place to work.
First impressions, they say, are everything. I’m not going to lie… Massive, contemporary, vibrant art gives a strong first impression.
When I left my former job to come to BIG, the coworker who took over my cubicle (hello, Heather!) asked me to keep my bright discount fabric up. She also appreciated the change from the “dingy Dijon mustard” walls.
To be fair, I’m not claiming that massive wall art would cure all of your staff retention issues (or that if my prior workplace had repainted, I would have stayed…but they should think about it).
What I mean is that it is critical to remember that your employees are human beings. And humans are visual beings.
Wall art has a significant impact on the energy of your environment, which directly influences how your staff feel on a daily basis.
So, if your employees are experiencing any of these five issues (and are considering leaving for a new job), consider wall art as a viable solution. It’s a low-cost solution that can help you enhance employee retention.

“My company does not recognise or care about my contributions.”

Solution: Everyone gets their own frame at their workstation and can change their wall art whenever they want.
Recognizing hard effort and dedication is one of the quickest methods to create loyal employees.
Of course, corny “employee recognition initiatives” are possible. However, in my experience, most individuals despise those and discard the phoney paper medals.
Most people appreciate it more when you recognise something specific they done. Try sending them a handwritten “thank you” note.
Even better, acknowledge your staff as individuals by saying something like, “Hey, we are very grateful for you and all your hard work.” We want you to be at ease in your workplace. Allow us to assist you in personalising your workstation. Choose some art that you want and we’ll buy it for you.”
When you stroll past your employee’s workstation, you can start a chat about the art. Before you realise it, you’ve formed a greater bond with your employee. You are cultivating loyalty without mentioning employment.
Employees are more driven and pleased when they feel acknowledged and respected. They are also less inclined to look for a new employment.

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“I’m fatigued and burned out”

Solution: Use relaxing wall art to reduce tension in your office so your staff can breathe and relax.
Stress from the epidemic, political upheaval, and economic uncertainty have all taken a heavy toll on mental health in recent years. According to a poll, 41% of adults felt anxiety and/or depression.
It’s no wonder that an all-time high proportion of employees report feeling fatigued and burned out.
So, what can you do to make your staff feel less anxious at work?
Art participation has been proved in studies to be beneficial. In both clinical and non-clinical settings, wall art reduces blood pressure, tension, and even pain.
Calming wall art can help to reduce stress in the workplace.
Focus on modernising conference rooms (where tensions might rise in meetings) and break rooms with Zen-inspired art.
Light blues and soft greens are the most relaxing and nicest office wall art colours.
These hues are frequently used in nature scenes and are very grounding.
When your employees are less uptight and burned out, they will have more energy and motivation to devote to their work and will be less inclined to seek a less stressful working environment.

“The culture here stinks, I feel as though I’m working on an isolated island rather than as part of a team.”

Solution: Team building—wait a minute…everyone despises those activities. Instead, change your office wall art on a monthly basis based on employee votes.
Your staff are not interested in sitting in a circle, holding hands, and singing kumbaya.
And they DEFINITELY do not want to share “fun facts” with the group…or participate in any other traditional team-building exercise you have planned.
So, if your employees are revolting against your community-building efforts AND complaining about a lack of community, you’ll need to become inventive.

Here are a few suggestions for using wall art to *subtly* increase workplace camaraderie:

  1. On a monthly basis, swap out the art in shared working spaces. Everyone has the opportunity to vote on the artwork for the following month. All employees are included and believe their opinions are valued.
  2. For smaller offices, utilise a rotating system in which one person selects the art for the following month. This manner, voting does not become a popularity contest, and everyone gets to see their favourite candidate at least once.
  3. Create a personalised digital art or photography contest that employees can participate in during work hours (within reason). Everyone casts their vote for their favourite piece. The personalised art of the winner gets reproduced and displayed. Repeat this contest every few months to maintain strong involvement.

Employees know they matter when they are engaged and feel like they play an important part in their team. Employees who believe they are important to the organisation do not want to abandon their coworkers who rely on them.
You will have an extraordinarily motivated and loyal group of employees if you can create a team culture without using silly team building exercises.

“I look at what other people have. I’m not impressed with what I see around here. I’m sure I could find something better.”

Solution: Use large, colourful paintings to create a joyful, engaging, and inviting work atmosphere.
Humans are visual beings. We place a high value on appearance.
The combination of colours, patterns, furniture, and wall art provides a distinct energy for your room. This aura has a significant impact on the energy and attitude of your employees (even if they are unaware of it).
Make sure the energy in your office is entertaining, engaging, and inviting so that when your employees glance around, they are delighted to be there.
A clean, fresh room is created with soft, neutral, creamy walls.
Colorful splashes of colour from distinctive furnishings add attention and warmth to your area.
Massive wall art establishes the exact mood and energy you desire.
Looking for a more energetic, productive environment? Choose warm oranges and vibrant yellows for your office wall décor.
Do you require a more tranquil working environment? Choose nature-inspired workplace wall art in mild greens and blues.
Change up your wall art with a new print every few months (at least once a quarter) to keep your office area feeling fresh and contemporary.

“I’m done, Never see you again.”

Solution: Unfortunately, you cannot keep everyone. Make your office’s first impression stand out so that you can attract new personnel. Hiring is now quicker and easier.
Even if you do everything possible to keep your top talent, employees will leave…unavoidable. it’s
It is critical to have a strategy in place to rapidly and efficiently hire high-quality replacements. Especially in today’s recruiting environment, when open positions take 18% longer to fill.
When job candidates consider all of the locations they interviewed, you want your office to be at the top of their list.
One of the simplest methods…
With big wall art, you can make your office’s first impression beautiful and memorable.
You’ve already enthralled and impressed the new recruits before you’ve even begun speaking.
Potential employees will sense the energy in your office. They may imagine themselves in your office.
When they tell their friends and family about the interview, they will almost certainly note how amazing your office is.
Massive wall art makes your office unique, making hiring faster and easier.

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