Design ideas for a comfortable kids room

5 Design ideas for a comfortable kids room

Decorating a child’s nursery does not have to be complicated or expensive; here are our best recommendations for designing a warm room for the new family member quickly and inexpensively! Here’s our design ideas for a comfortable kids room

When designing an older child’s room, we try to include him or her in the decision-making process and design around their preferences and personalities. When creating a room for a new individual, on the other hand, there is greater leeway, and the design might take on an entirely different aspect. What is the greatest way to decorate a younger child in a way that is both simple and comfortable? Here’s 5 design ideas for a comfortable kids room assured warmth in the newborn nursery on a budget!

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1. Discuss who lives in the room!

Decorate the nursery walls with personal items that reveal more about the people who reside there. Display a watercolour letter print of the child’s initials for a more personal, and especially adorable, touch. Combine the print with a poster of your child’s zodiac sign, which is printed from handpainted watercolour originals and complements letter wall art wonderfully.

Tip: Use picture ledges to simply change out your designs without having to drill new holes on the wall, or mix with other décor, such as your child’s favourite books or charming accessories that both you and your child like. 

2. Make comfortable reading nooks

Create a nice alcove in the room with pillows, soft blankets, and a comfortable hide where kids (and adults) may play, read books, or nap. Teepee tents have become popular design components in children’s rooms, offering the ideal touch of beauty and functionality for us adults while also being an area that the children enjoy. Creating a cosy hideaway using spare fabric, such as a retiring curtain, works just as well.

We adore our posters with handpainted watercolour themes and beautiful designs that appear to be right out of a storybook. These would look great on a reading nook wall. A string of lights will add to the comfort! We’ve chosen stunning fairytale elements that will spark your creativity.

3. Maps of the world and letter prints

Decorate the nursery with instructive posters that are also adorable! We have alphabet prints, instructive animal posters, and globe maps for kids that are great additions to any child’s room. With our letter wall painting, your kid may practise the alphabet while also learning about the globe and its continents. We also provide very cute and educative prints of the world’s animals for the family who loves animals and environment. It’s ideal for teaching smaller toddlers to communicate by pointing to and repeating the names of the various animals.

See our poster from Gotland here or see more kids interior designs here!

4. Colorful accessories and muted walls

When it comes to décor, kids and adults typically have different aesthetic tastes; one approach to meet halfway is to paint walls in a subdued and tasteful tone, and then introduce colour through accessories and toys. By painting the nursery a more delicate and subdued tone, you reduce the possibility of becoming weary of it and avoiding having to repaint it in a couple of years. Instead, bring extra colour to the children’s room with decorations and other accessories. Cute wall art with graphical or painted designs, toys, furniture, and string lights are some examples of decor that may be easily changed as your child grows and develops new interests or requirements.

5. Allow for change and variation

We understand how difficult it is to accept that our small infant will not be a baby forever – but it will happen sooner than we anticipate! Baby develops into a toddler with his or her own thoughts, new hobbies, and preferences for how their room should seem throughout time. Your child may develop a new pastime, idol, or favourite colour from month to month, which is an excellent reason to make it simple to change the nursery design. Use washi tape, for example, to replace drawings, pictures, or posters on a regular basis without destroying walls or decor. Shelves may be used to store toys and books, but they can also be used to display attractive decorations that can be quickly removed to create room for new items as your needs change, without the need for drilling new holes or purchasing new furniture.

As previously said, picture ledges are ideal unloading zones for pens, note pads, books, wall art, or toys – your imagination is the only limit!
Make it simple for yourself to design the room around your child, and create a space in the home that not only acts as a “safe haven,” but also allows the child to express his or her creativity, fun, and individuality (without breaking the bank!). So don’t forget our 5 Design ideas for a comfortable kids room!

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