Gotland – a favourite!

We think that renting a vacation home in Gotland is one of the best ways to really get a feel for the island. Good for getting out and seeing the sights and experiencing all the island has to offer. Isn’t there some sort of magic on Gotland? Perhaps this is due to the fact that history seems to lurk around every bend. Is it the kind welcome or the beautiful scenery where the ocean joins the land? There’s a plethora of factors that make Gotland a destination you’re always pleased to visit again. Repeatedly!

Here are ten of Gotland’s most fascinating attractions.

Gotland is a treasure trove of experiences. When it comes time to plan your vacation, one of the few drawbacks is that you won’t know where to begin. But now you may pause and take it easy. We’ve done the legwork and narrowed your Gotland itinerary down to the top 10 activities and attractions you can’t miss.

Visby’s Ruins

It’s easy to find traces of the past in Visby. Visby is a veritable paradise for history buffs, with a plethora of fascinating landmarks to explore. Dig into the past on your own and find out more about the ancient history of Gotland. It’s suggested that you check out the several ruins in Visby, as they all feature different architectural eras and trends. One can also schedule tours here.

Cave of Lummelunda

A trip to Lummelunda cave is a necessity for everyone planning to rent a vacation home in Gotland. The cave is a top destination for tourists of all ages, making it one of Gotland’s most popular landmarks. Give yourself permission to be awed by the natural wonders such as stalactite formations, fossils, and the fantastic hallways of caves. Tours can be taken with a guide, too.


When you hear the name “Rauk,” thoughts of Gotland immediately come to mind. Over time, the elements of weather, wind, and water have sculpted Raukarna into one of nature’s masterpieces. Almost the whole perimeter of the island’s shores is covered in Rauk fields. For the most famous rauk, head to Hoburgsgubben on the southern coast of Gotland, or for the highest point, check out the virgin in Lickerhamn.


Trojaborg is a part of one of Gotland’s about forty mazes known as a “labyrinth.” Below Galgberget in Visby’s northern portion is the well-preserved ancient stone labyrinth known as Trojaborg. The daughter of a king was supposedly held hostage in “Rövarhlan” (the labyrinth’s supposed namesake) as part of the stories surrounding the labyrinth’s origins. Galgberget is the location of a cave. The young lady constructed the maze by placing stones one by one, day after day. When it was completed, the guard was so amazed that he decided to free the king’s daughter.


Planning a family outing? Why not pay a visit to the fictional world of Pippi Longstocking? Villa Villekulla can be found in the Gotland summer resort and water park of Kneippbyn. The real-life residence used during the filming of the Pippi Longstocking adaptation by Astrid Lindgren. Pippi Longstocking’s former home has been transformed into a museum dedicated to children’s play, and the grounds feature everything from pedal boats and bouncy castles to heated swimming pools and water slides.

Gotska Sandön

The Gotland national park, Gotska Sandön, may be found to the north of Frö. The island may be barren, but it makes up for its lack of civilization with miles of pristine beaches and towering dunes that border a spectacular pine forest. The ages of the oldest trees range from a few hundred to a few thousand years. In addition to the island’s distinctive flora and fauna, visitors to Säludden can also observe seals basking in the sun.


This is an excellent outing for history buffs and families alike. Learn about the history of Gotland and its people at the Bunge Museum. Houses and graves from various time periods are on display at the museum. In addition, at Leikstuen, people of all ages can construct their very own bulhus out of puzzle pieces and test their stability while walking on stilts.

Stora Karlsö

One of the best excursion destinations on Gotland, Stora Karlsö, is only a half-hour boat journey from Klintehamn. There is an abundance of advantages to visiting the island. A notable feature of the island is its abundance of plant and bird life. The Baltic region’s largest bird cliff can be found right here. And not only that. Beautiful fields of orchids await you on the island, along with a rich cultural past to explore. You can also arrange for a guide to accompany you as you explore the island.

Gotlands Museum is a must

The Gotland Museum, fun for kids and adults alike, is conveniently located in the heart of Visby. It sells Viking age chests and unique statues from Gotland. Simultaneously, you may get a feel for ancient Gotland. It is highly recommended that you go.

Seriegården, a garden in Lummelunda, is our tenth pick (Cartoon-Village)

There is a place called Seriegrden in Lummelunda, not far from Visby. Seriegarden is home to the largest collection of cement sculptures depicting cartoon characters and fairy tale characters in all of Europe. The sculptures are in a park that is great for families, making it a fun day out that the kids will enjoy.

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