Tips on choosing modern art paintings for living room

If you’re looking to spruce up your living space but aren’t sure where to start, a painting is a great place to go for inspiration. Since the living room is where you host guests, spend time with family and friends, and celebrate special occasions, it is important to give great consideration to the artwork you hang on its walls. Today, we’ll be discussing what to look for when purchasing modern art paintings for living room.

Methods for Choosing Visual Works of Art

Framed artwork brightens and beautifies even the darkest living spaces. They ensure that the room’s decor, no matter how many different pieces there are, is in scale with itself. When decorating a space with paintings, interior designers keep many factors in mind:

Discord and a lack of aesthetic sensibility can be brought into a space when artworks of varying genres are put carelessly on the walls.
The practise of hanging pieces of art on a single wall in a room is called a “wall show.”
To avoid detracting from the walls’ semantic design, artwork is typically hung on plain, light-colored surfaces such as wallpaper, plaster, or painting.
Dimensions of the living space, area and wall design, style solution, furniture specifications, colour scheme, and compatibility with interior features all play a role in the decision of which paintings to hang.

Choice based on colour scheme

When deciding on a colour scheme for your home’s “gallery,” think about the furniture in the space as well as the walls, floors, and ceiling. The backdrop of the paintings will be the wall on which they are to be hung. Canvases or photographs of the same colour as the wall can be framed with a baguette of a contrasting hue, or you can experiment with contrast by highlighting the wall’s subdued tone with vibrant hues in the artwork itself. It is not a good idea to hang photographs manufactured in light colours on the living room walls if those walls are adorned in bold colours, since the background would “crush” the pictures. Try to get a baguette that is the same shade of wood as the table legs and other wooden accents.

Paintings in a certain style

The style of the painting is as important as the dimensions, the palette, and the frame. Let’s analyse the primary choices in further detail.


If your living room is decorated in a simple fashion, you may have only one picture — a huge one — hanging in the middle of the largest unoccupied wall or over the sofa. It might be a cubist take on traditional painting, à la Kazimir Malevich (who, by the way, in addition to the “Black Square” has many similar unusual images with bright and large geometric shapes). Abstraction is acceptable too, but only if it is done very little, using just two or three colours and no gradients. Bright abstractions or fashionable modular choices will appeal to you if you choose for simplicity.

Basic posters with clear, brief inscriptions, and phrases work well for a minimalist aesthetic, as can images (which must be black and white and also be in the manner of minimalism, simple and without tiny details).

Fashion that has stood the test of time

You’ll want to hang a large, ornate, and ostentatious painting or photograph in a stylish gold frame. The setting shown may be a sea with ships, a farm or forest, or even a palace. The image of a poet or member of a royal family, for instance, will appear stunning in its original form. Replicas created from the works of classical painters are, in a word, replicas. In addition to the subject matter, it is important to select a frame that complements the room’s overall aesthetic, whether it is classical or contemporary.


Photos in frames, whether black and white or colour, can be hung in a loft-style living room, but they need to be artfully arranged on the wall to create a pleasing aesthetic. You may set them off against the brick walls of your loft by framing them with white garland or light bulbs. Colorful paintings will grab people’s eyes and liven up a room with their unique style. Also great for a loft are posters, maps, and Cubist portraits.

Scandinavian aesthetic

A Scandinavian-style living room should be open and airy, with enough of natural light. Ideally, the wall art in such a space would be minimalist and soft, like a modular arrangement. Bird, animal, plant, flower, and leaf tapestries will do the trick. Everything need to be low-key and unassuming, yet tasteful and devoid of airs. Landscapes that are similarly simple and endearing, but rendered in soft, muted tones, are likewise acceptable. The living area, which features a bright white design and wooden furnishings, will be accessorised with paintings depicting animals or birds.

Tips on Deciding on the Ideal Painting Scale for Your Family Room

  • Small pictures in a big room look “lost,” whereas big paintings may hide a lot.
  • The wall gallery serves as both a visually appealing aesthetic “place” and a functional semantic zone in the family area.
  • A huge vertical canvas will provide the illusion of more height in the space.
  • A huge image laid out horizontally will make the space seem to be filled with more and more distant frames.
  • Pieces of art in the middle range of the square format do not alter the visual geometry of the living space.
  • The perceived mass of a fireplace or sofa can be diminished by hanging a huge canvas or many large paintings over it.
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