Wall art for the hallway

Wall art for the hallway

Decorating your hallway might be difficult. Wall art is an excellent method to enhance your hallway decor without crowding it. We’ve compiled an expert guide to choosing the best wall art for your hallway. This post is all about artwork that will complement rather than overwhelm your hallway, from selecting the proper dimensions to finding your ideal pattern. Continue reading for technical hints and techniques.

Ideas for Hallway Wall Decor

Your hallway is the ideal location for a statement print. Our space exploration series will be one of our most popular collections in 2023. We have exclusive prints from the image release of the James Webb telescope! Cosmic prints may quickly enhance and give an unexpected twist to your hallway decor. Your hallway is an excellent location for a conversation piece for houseguests. A gleaming print of the huge night sky will add visual depth to your decor. Even in huge scale sizes, our high-quality canvas prints appear photorealistic. Allow your celestial wall art to be the focal point of your decor by surrounding it with neutral, earthy linens. The contrast between organic detailing and the gorgeous print is incomparable.

Hallway Wall Designs That Are Popular

Experiment with the most popular hallway decorating trends! The year 2022 is all about fusing the past and the present. Putting a spin on tradition is the most fashionable strategy you can employ! Mix vintage and modern components to avoid a one-note look. Rather than following a “theme,” you want to demonstrate your personal preferences. This includes sleek, modern furniture such as a credenza or hallway table, as well as knick-knacks such as antiques, old novels, and vases. For a modern look, choose bright hues like yellow, purple, and green. Add classic wall art to create the ideal balance of old and new. Wall art is an excellent way to spruce up any transitional room in your home.

Professional Hallway Decorating Ideas

Our creative director has some suggestions for the perfect piece of classic decor with a modern twist! Tirzah Goodman has identified Van Gogh as one of the top outstanding artists experiencing a major renaissance in 2022. While Van Gogh’s work has surely never gone out of style, it is increasingly appearing in contemporary interiors. Choose an iconic impressionist piece, such as Starry Night, with a modern layout for the perfect balance. A multi-panel, unframed canvas will modernise your vintage artwork. Hang your wall art at eye level for a gallery-inspired look. Your hallway will suddenly look more complete, and your entire home will feel more elegant.

Art for the Spaces Between Rooms

Choosing the right art for the gap between rooms can be difficult. You want something unique but also versatile enough to mix in with your surroundings.

We recommend books by Natalie Walton as interior inspiration:

Pro Tips for Hallway Wall Decor

It is critical to hang your hallway wall art correctly. Because this is such a small place, use the advice in our expert guide on how to hang art correctly:

A canvas that protrudes too far from the wall can detract from the overall appearance of your space. When creating a well-curated environment, attention to detail is essential. Onlookers may be distracted if your nail protrudes from your canvas and creates a space between it and the wall. When establishing a gallery wall or hanging a multi-panel piece, a flush frame or canvas is extremely vital.

Pro Tips for Hallway Wall Decor

If you choose a single-panel print, use the following excerpt from this expert guidance to decide whether you want your piece framed or unframed:

The framed canvas appears to be a single panel canvas, however this gallery-wrapped artwork has a third layer, a wooden frame that produces the appearance of floating art. A framed canvas adds a sophisticated touch to your environment and influences the impression of the artwork, as a solid black border frame keeps the focus on the artwork.

Unframed canvas is artwork that has not been framed. These artworks can be adapted to any style due to their frameless boundaries. Unframed canvas prints are popular due to their sleek and modern appearance. The simple aesthetic complements modern furnishings and practically all interior types.

Sizes of Hallway Wall Decor

View this excerpt from our Ultimate Wall Art Size Guide for more information on sizing:

Large wall art that is 36 inches tall and 75 inches wide may provide a polished, traditional aesthetic in your hallway. This wall art size looks well in long corridors or above your entertainment centre.

If those dimensions don’t suit you, use the following text to help you choose the proper size for your wall:

Your wall art should occupy approximately 60% to 75% of the available vacant wall space, excluding mouldings and furniture. Measure the wall’s height and width. Now divide the measurements by 0.6 and 0.75. As a result, you will receive a variety of canvas print sizes to meet your needs.

Pro Tips for Hallway Wall Decor

Check out this style quote from our article about professional hallway decor:

When it comes to hallways, it’s easy to overlook the value of interior design. Corridors are sometimes viewed as a path from one room to the next, but they should be treated as a separate room! You want to create a statement in the hallways, which are one of the most heavily trafficked places by guests. There are numerous possibilities for sprucing up your home’s hallways, whether you want to show off your passion for family or stick to your general design. The best part about remodelling your hallway space is how inexpensive it is! Your hallway’s small size makes it much easier to make a big impression while spending very little.

Ideas for Colorful Hallway Walls

It’s all about balance when it comes to colour in your hallway. Check out our professional advice on how to create a well-balanced colour palette below.

Pro Tips for Hallway Wall Decor

A basic decorating rule to assist you choose colour combinations for your home is 60-30-10. Color palettes are the most visible aspect of house decor. It is the colours that offer beauty and magic to your home. You have a complete palette to play with, ranging from strong to brilliant.
According to this decorating rule, you should cover your room with 60% of a dominating colour, 30% of a secondary colour, and 10% of an accent colour. It’s all about keeping the tones balanced with a hint of simplicity.

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