Wall decoration tips to bring your work space to the next level

Hang some fresh artwork in your den of solitude. Putting some effort into sprucing up your home office’s walls is a surefire way to increase your productivity and enjoyment. Here’s our wall decoration tips to bring your work space to the next level

Over the past year, the home office has grown in importance, to the point where many individuals now consider it an essential part of their daily routine. Your home office, whether it’s a corner of your bedroom, the dining room table, or a dedicated room in the house, is a location you’ll spend a lot of time, and as such, deserves some special attention. Art has been shown to improve productivity and inspire creativity. Adding artwork to your office walls might help to elevate your home workspace.

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The minimalist

A minimalist is someone who prefers to keep things uncomplicated and who thrives in an uncluttered space. You feel most at home in a sleek and contemporary office, where the walls are painted a monochromatic colour and the furniture is minimal. Prints that stick to a monochromatic palette and a minimalist design aesthetic will look fantastic in your office.

The inspirational

People who aren’t used to working under pressure could feel overwhelmed by your creative chaos, but you thrive in a dynamic setting and welcome the opportunity to surround yourself with everything that might spark an idea. Posters with organic shapes and figurative art are a great way to add some abstract art to the walls of your home office.

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The fashionista

You have a keen eye for style and know how to get things done without sacrificing substance. Likely, you have a home office where you do your best work, surrounded by items that inspire and drive you, such as a well-stocked bookcase and a set of desk accessories in complementary colours. Black-and-white posters featuring the season’s top trends in clothing from our collection will complement the hot pink and shiny metal accessories already present in your chic home office.

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