Wall poster design ideas that will get you noticed

Wall poster design ideas that will get you noticed

The best method to get people enthusiastic about your new movie, your new buzzy product, or your next event is by using a vehicle. Posters.

Posters are fantastic because they can be used for any purpose; regardless of who you are or what you’re marketing, a poster can be an efficient and eye-catching way to spread the news and pique interest in what’s to come.

However, not every poster is the same. What works as a poster design for the next big independent film won’t work for a music festival. Furthermore, a trustworthy and serious business will need a different design for their posters than a hip and trendy one.

The point is made

To get you pumped up and motivated about what you and your poster design are capable of, we’ve compiled some of the best poster design concepts we’ve seen from a variety of genres.

How the right poster can boost you

What makes posters—the proper posters—so effective? That’s what we’ll discuss before diving into some examples of posters that are sure to offer a boost of inspiration to you and your business.

Making a poster isn’t just about making a lovely picture to paste on the wall of a building; there’s more to it than that. A well-designed poster may do wonders for the promotion of your business or group and the dissemination of your message.

The appropriate poster will connect with your target audience and pique their interest in your product, event, or whatever you’re promoting by establishing your credibility and staying on brand. Additionally, your brand’s messaging and familiarity among consumers are bolstered when you include design aspects that reflect your personality.

Not bad for a sheet of paper measuring two feet by three.

Get your creative juices flowing with this little poster design ideas

Now that you know posters are an effective method of reaching out to your target demographic, let’s look at some excellent examples to spark some ideas.

Simplified posters
Sometimes less really is more. Minimalist posters may tell everything you need to say about your company, event, or product with only a few striking images. Whether through the use of minimalist visuals or strategic white space, embracing the “less is more” philosophy demonstrates to your viewers that you don’t require numerous large, eye-catching design components to convey your point.

Promoting a movie or clothing brand to the “cool and hip” crowd (the secret to seeming cool is to never look like you’re trying too hard) can benefit from this poster design aesthetic.

Artwork based on typefaces

When a poster has a lot of text to transmit, it’s important to put extra effort into the font choice and layout.

When you have a lot of information to convey to your audience, such as when advertising an event and needing to convey the date, time, location, and all that good stuff, this poster style is a wonderful alternative. Or when you want to make a strong visual statement with important text (like your company’s values or mission statement).

Posters with graphical content

On the other hand, if you want to make a strong poster, it may be advisable to reduce the text to a minimum and concentrate on the visuals.

When advertising a film, event, or product, graphic posters can be a fun and creative alternative to traditional posters since they leave room for the viewer to assign their own meaning to the image (which can go a long way in building intrigue and peaking interest).

Posters bursting with colour

Now you see why we mentioned that sometimes little is more… though it’s often the case that more is more when it comes to colour, less is more in other cases.

When designing a poster, don’t be afraid to use a lot of colour. It draws in viewers and, depending on the hues selected, can bolster the brand’s message (color psychology is a powerful thing).

It’s not that some businesses or industries would profit more from employing colour than others; rather, it’s that you need to be deliberate in your colour choices. Employing primary colours is a safe bet if your business caters to kids. Use hues that stimulate the senses and make people thirsty while advertising your new line of smoothies. Using bright colours to rouse concertgoers is an effective way to build anticipation for the show.

The aim is to employ colour in a way that helps you achieve your goal, be it increasing attendance at an event or sales of a certain product.

Posters that focus primarily on photographs

The traditional adage says something like, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Whether it’s the range of human emotion, the specificity of a given location, the grandeur of nature, or the reality of an object, a photograph can often convey what words, graphics, and illustrations can’t.

You should always utilise a photo if it perfectly illustrates the point you’re making in your poster.

Adverts from the past

There is no denying that vintage is currently having a renaissance. Poster design has joined the zeitgeisty resurgence of the ’80s and ’90s aesthetic seen in everything from clothing to home furnishings.

The use of retro style elements in a poster’s layout can help establish a more personal, emotional connection with the target audience, especially if your business has a more vintage vibe.

To sum up

In this way, it becomes clear that there is no universal formula for creating an outstanding poster. But now that you have seen the various possibilities available to you—and have been seriously inspired by them—it is time to determine the most suitable strategy.

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