What posters are the best wall art for bedroom in feng shui?

What posters are the best wall art for bedroom in feng shui?

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a house or apartment. Each décor and interior design element should have its own meaning and be placed correctly. It is essential to use the artwork above the bed in the bedroom deliberately and in accordance with the aims that you wish to achieve.

What You Should Know About Feng Shui Paintings in the Bedroom

Feng Shui is an old philosophy about the energy flows around us. It is believed that if you do not obstruct them, but rather aid them, you will enjoy good health, pleasant family connections, financial well-being, and other benefits. Here are some ideas for hanging artworks in bedrooms.

1. Choosing the appropriate plot

The crown of a person’s head houses an important chakra. If you put a painting over a headboard, it will have an immediate effect on it. To have a positive influence, you must select the right plot. Let it be peaceful, gorgeous scenery: woodland, flowers, butterflies. Do not keep pictures of natural disasters or dangerous animals in your mind.

2. We imagine the desired outcome.

To make your dream a reality, sketch it out and hang it over the headboard or right opposite the bed. For example, matching images are chosen if you want harmonious family ties or to discover your soul partner. It could be a couple, flowers or trees, or scenes from a nice family life.

3. Remove a water image

Feng Shui professionals advise against employing “water” themes in the bedroom. Canvases are permitted in some circumstances if there is a tiny amount of water, but they must be immobile. Pictures of raging rivers, rushing streams, and waterfalls can upset the room’s energy balance.

Feng Shui Painting Placement Guidelines

The ancient feng shui system divides the room into zones and has certain requirements for the placement of interior elements and themes.

You must enjoy the photographs you use in your bedroom. Images that are repulsive or bothersome have a negative impact on your emotional state and detract from the atmosphere of the place.
It is critical that feng shui paintings in the bedroom do not have negative or aggressive connotations. Choose photos with uplifting tones.
Different dried insects are now trendy for interior decorating, although Feng Shui is opposed to such design.
A herbarium or a panel made of dried herbs and flowers contains dead energy; if you require a picture above the bed in the bedroom, it is best to avoid this alternative.
It is not advised to hang abstract images in the living room, but if you do, they should have a positive emotional load.
Paintings made of stones are considered lucky; amber, a golden stone that carries solar and positive energy, is especially valued.
When buying images with applied hieroglyphs, make careful to inquire about their significance. Each hieroglyph is intended to ignite a specific type of energy; an overly active sign might cause insomnia and even fights. Furthermore, the hieroglyph should be drawn as precisely as possible, as deviations can result in unanticipated appearances.

What Feng Shui Paintings Are Appropriate for a Bedroom?

Determine your desired outcome before hanging the image at the head of the bed.

  • People who want to keep or start a new relationship should not display photographs of lonely people, especially sad ones.
  • Hang photographs of attractive flowers, such as feng shui peonies, in the bedroom to revitalise relationships.
  • Hang images that create sentiments of stability and clarity, such as a happy family or a lovely home, to normalise the energy of the house and the relationships of residents with one another.
  • The journey of the painting to you is critical. If it formerly hung in a house where a catastrophe occurred or a family was destroyed, such an image should be deleted, regardless of whether you like it or not.
  • It is best to utilise gorgeous frames when selecting feng shui artwork for the bedroom.

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How to Select a Color Scheme

Another rule states that artwork for the bedroom must complement the general colour scheme of the room. Here are a few pointers to think about:

  • Select pastel, subdued colours. They do not elicit an emotional reaction.
  • Blue, ocher, green, and many hues of brown are excellent natural colours. The tones are quite easy to perceive and allow you to relax immediately.
  • Bright saturated colours are undesirable, but can be used as an exception. They are said to arouse and interfere with relaxing.
  • Because white represents tranquilly and cleansing, it is an excellent choice.

How to Select the Painting’s Size and Shape

Even if the plot and colour scheme are perfect for the bedroom, the image may “not fit” into it. And the reason for this could be due to its size. A large or little image will detract from the design. A little canvas will “get lost” on the wall, but a large piece will visually limit the space.

Remember these easy guidelines to get the ideal size:

  • Correlate the measurements of the painting with the object it will be hung on. If the image is going to be hung over a bed or dresser, it should be at least half the width of the furniture.
  • Correlate the size of the canvas to the size of the room. Large rooms necessitate elaborate dcor, while compact rooms necessitate simple solutions.
  • Connect the point of view to the size of the image. The height of the canvas should ideally be half the distance between the image and the intended point of view.
  • Correlate the canvas’s direction with the height of the ceiling. Vertical paintings visually expand walls, while horizontal paintings diminish them. The precise picture selection can solve layout faults.

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